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About Scars & Straw

By Martin Clark (Writer of The Flood, A Kiss for Daniel, Heights of Love - Depths of Peace, Love Came Down, & The Children's Christmas Dream.)

Scars and Straw is an exciting Christmas production. It is an evening of music and specially-filmed narration and drama. The live music is performed by Andy Bromley and band. The film is a detailed look at the nativity story from the unique viewpoint of a modern-day Isaiah. The film, shot on location in New York, was written, produced and directed by Martin Clark and stars London Actor, Luke Waldock as Isaiah.

The film attempts to inform its audience about exactly WHY Christ came. Seven year old Maddy, our child-actress, helps reveal His Passion was very-present - even at His birth! Maddy gently leads us through this revelation by appearing in several sensitively-acted vignettes.

As the wonderful story unfolds, Isaiah’s words, ‘hot with the breath of God,’ guide us deeper into the mystery. Finally a hugely powerful final act is disclosed. Come close; listen to the story...

The trailer...
Interview with Director, Martin Clark...

"As you watch and listen, you slowly become aware of a ring of authenticity about it, and then it creeps up on you - God is talking to you.”

Rev A. E. Hoare MA

Bible Scholar & Teacher UK

Luke Waldock


Luke Waldock trained as an Actor at Rose Bruford College graduating in 2007.

His Most recent work has been on tour with the Riding Lights Theatre company in the 'Narrow Road' and with East Anglia's Common Ground Theatre Company 'The Fisherman and the Turtle'.

He currently works regularly on Corporate Role plays in London and has recently finished training as a CG character animator at Escape Studios.

Andy Bromley


Andy Bromley is a Christian Worship Leader, based in Solihull, England.

Born and raised in England, U.K., he began leading worship at the age of 15 and became a full-time Worship Leader at the age of 24, travelling to such places as Australia, U.S.A, Canada and across Europe for Worship Conferences and training events. In 2008, Andy became Worship Arts Pastor for Woodmen Valley Chapel, Colorado Springs, U.S.A. moving back to the U.K in 2013.

In 2001 Andy co-founded a worship training and discipleship program known as ‘Worship Academy’, with Chris Bowater and presently serves as a tutor within the Worship Academy International vision (

Andy is married to Maxine, and they have two children - Jacob & Charlotte.

Claire Jackson


For over 15 years Claire Jackson has been using her gifts to write songs as well as to lead people in singing worship. She longs to tell a story with music, express authentic feelings and situations, which result in heartfelt and utterly sincere interpretations.

With ‘The Claire Robinson Band’, she recorded 3 EPs, the latest being ‘Conversations with the Night’. The songs, recorded in a home studio and mastered at Abbey Road Studios, received enthusiastic reviews. She also worked on ‘The Sunday Night Live’ project and recorded a song alongside other Christian artists on the ‘Sunday Night Live Sessions’ album. In 2010, Claire toured ‘Scars and Straw’ and co-wrote the song ‘Immanuel’ with Martin Clark, which has since been used in churches in America.

Claire originates from Lincoln, nowadays her current home is in Luton with husband Ben and 22 month old son, Theo.

Martin Clark


I’ve decided to write this in the first person - I’d like to honour you with the truth about me and what drives me. I’ve been married to Gill for thirty years, I’ve done one job for very nearly forty years and attended one church for forty-three years. I’m pretty good at ‘steady’.

I have three children and each are a blend of average and exceptional and I love them with an achingly-powerful love - apparently this is exactly how God loves us…but be honest - who really believes that…?

I’ve spent about forty years variously failing and succeeding in The Arts - be it music, drama or film - I’m a bit of a perfectionist but this is just a set-up for a kind of self-torture…

…Yet I can promise you this, nobody - to my knowledge - who’s seen Scars and Straw has gone away unaffected. It’s seriously cost me a lot to put this together but why do it…?

…Because of the achingly-powerful love towards me that has sustained me; failing and succeeding all over the world for many, many years…I need to tell you about it - that’s it!

I’ve decided not to use these few paragraphs to give you a mildly-impressive resumé about me because it really doesn’t matter - what matters is - I care deeply about people - whatever their beliefs, persuasion or orientation - you’re all due the achingly-powerful love - I hope you’ll honour us with your presence - I’ve honoured you with the best I can do.




The girl in the vignettes is Maddy - she enjoyed filming because it meant a day off school.

Interested in booking a live performance this Christmas for your church?

Email or call 07920 864 339.

Also if you’re struggling for an idea this Christmas - The Scars & Straw narrations are available for download in full or in part from They can be used as an excellent framework for your own Carol Service, Christmas Music or Nativity Bible Readings.

What People Are Saying About Scars & Straw

"Through the eyes of a child mystery mingles with majesty and timeless wisdom melts into wonder. Truly the unexplainable story of the riches of the divine grace gift, is accessed as it always must be through the profound simplicity of childlike trust. I commend the writings and craftsmanship of Martin Clark. In word, imagery and music he transports us back. Oh, to be childlike again."

Chris Bowater

Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader UK

"Martin Clark has brilliantly crossed over the line in this portrayal of an ancient prophecy brought to life. Clark unpacks a story of passion, intrigue, strength, and humility….confusing words to most, yet depicted in an earthy, tangible and relevant way through this creative spin on an age-old story…blue for a boy. A must-see this Christmas."

Mark Tedder

Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader, Worshiplanet, USA

"Scars and Straw - an ancient story that comes tumbling into our 21st century with a young girl, with songs, and a modern Isaiah narrating, in our own language, a re-telling, a remix, of the incarnation of Christ. As you watch and listen, you slowly become aware of a ring of authenticity about it, and then it creeps up on you - God is talking to you."

Rev A. E. Hoare MA

Bible Scholar & Teacher UK

"Loved it. Gritty, profound, and thought-provoking. Scars and Straw is a modern retelling of a supposedly well-known story, bringing it down to earth for a new generation.”

Scott Freeman

Artist & Performer USA

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